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Sightseeing Segway tours in Vienna

Tours aboard the Vienna Heurigen ExpressA Segway is a two-wheel vehicle that keeps by itself its complete balance thanks to the combination of gyroscopic sensors and an electronic control system. This vehicle is steered by using a handlebar; its riding is instinctive and it is thus very easy to learn. The Segway PT was unveiled on Dec. 3rd, 2001 and first produced in 2002 by Segway Inc. of New Hampshire, USA. It has been quickly used in the tourism industry. Today, this equipment is very fashionable because it is a handy means of transport for sightseeing tours in numerous cities throughout the world. The participants in a sightseeing Segway tour have the feeling that they are gliding on the floor. It is an unique experience, as there was nothing like this vehicle before the Segway PT was created. Nevertheless, it is possible to draw up the list of numerous advantages you would have in taking a sightseeing Segway tour: you can get about faster from a sight to another, and thus you can better manage your time. And you will also have the opportunity to discover a new city and at the same time, a new means of transport!

Thanks to Vienna city tours, you can book the following kinds of sightseeing Segway tours:

Public sightseeing Segway tours in Vienna

sightseeing Segway tours in ViennaThe public guided Segway tours in Vienna take place every day from April to October and twice a day in May and June. A sightseeing Segway tour lasts three hours and includes a half-hour during which you will learn to ride a Segway in order to get used to this new means of transport. In order to guarantee the ideal supervision from your guide, a sightseeing segway tour can be arranged for up to a maximum of eight people: therefore it is absolutely essential that you book in advance in order to be able to take part in one of the sightseeing Segway tours at an available time slot. Anyone weighing between 45 and 113 kg can take part in a sightseeing Segway tour. But be careful! This activity is to be avoided for pregnant women. If there is any further information you require about sightseeing Segway tours in the Viennese city or in order to book your ticket, please feel free to contact the team of Vienna city tours by phone or by sending an e-mail.

Private sightseeing Segway tours in Vienna

sightseeing Segway tours in the city of ViennaFor parties, you have the possibility of booking private sightseeing Segway tours in the Viennese city with an experienced and certified guide. These private sightseeing Segway tours lend also themselves very well to incentives or special events. They can be organized during the season of public tours from April to October as well as out of season. A private sightseeing Segway tour has a lot of advantages: the tour can be well-adapted to your personal wishes and a larger group has also the possibility to take part in it: if a party counts more than eight people, the three hours planned for a Segway tour can be divided among smaller groups. For a group of 16 people for example, the first half of the party will start with the Segway tour, whereas the second half opens its sightseeing tour with an exciting guided tour through the Austrian capital city, then the two groups swap places. It is with great pleasure that the team of Vienna city tours will give you upon request more information about the various available kinds of Segway tours in Vienna. If you are interested in booking a Segway tour in Vienna, feel free to contact us by phone or by sending an e-mail.

How to book a sightseeing Segway tour in Vienna?

If you are interested in booking a public sightseeing Segway tour or a private sightseeing Segway tour in the Viennese city, feel free to contact us by phone at the following number: +43 1 966 02 61, from Monday till Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or by sending an e-mail at . We are looking forward to reading and advise you!